Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How the step back and breathe program's going so far

As I decided in my previous post, I decided to just step back and breathe. And relax. First, I thought I would just take the morning off, but as morning turned into evening, I decide that well, some more vacay time wont hurt, and it ended up that I did not go to the lab for the whole 'business hours' day.

And its been more or less fabulous. I woke up at 10 am, and made myself a nice hot coffee and watched some Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Grifford push pull on TV. I had a nice shower in some Crabtree and Evelyn bath products we picked up from our hotel room in Hilton because as Ross says , 'They're built into the price'. Then came back and turned the TV to watch 2 minutes of 'The View' , because frankly, that's all I can take of that show. Went online , blurked and twlurked. Made some comments.

Peeled some onions and vacuumed the peels off, scaring myself in the process.

Was reminded of so many blogs that I used to visit, but don't these days. Not sure what the reason was, but that's okay I don't have to read everything that everyone says, all the time. That's like wanting to watch all the TV channels there are.

But then yet, visited a couple. Neutralized the bad taste in my mouth from watching the View.

You know which other sucky morning show I used to watch? Live with Regis and Kelly.No no, it wasn't voluntary, but that show was always on during my wait for my early morning doctor's appointments. In fact, thanks to that I have a nice association with the show. Bless the doctor.

Wrote a long winded nonsensical autobiographical post on my day. Stopped feeling guilty about adding crap to the internet . (Yes, I have that fear..I liked to think that I should conserve the space blogger's alloted me by posting something sensible. But screw that. If Regis and Kelly can have their show, I can have my blog.

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