Monday, September 15, 2008

Step back and breathe

It is one of those days, where I keep doing an experiment and suddenly lose track of why I am doing it in the first place. It turns into a war. I HAVE to make it work, I HAVE to make it work, and finally I am not even sure why I started the experiment out in the first place. This time, now that I have realised it, I hope I approach things more rationally. And step back and breathe when needed. I am doing the same exact experiment, tweaking it here and there for the past five days, the last time this happened, tweaking went on for a year after which one day, everything just miraculously fell into place. I hope this time I don't have to go on for one year before I hit pay dirt. and oh yeah, that one year, was just 'method optimization' I still needed another month to analyze samples after that. Oh well such is science. It's true what TGFI says about science.


manuscrypts said...

maybe you need to leave signs for yourself to follow :)

sqrlnt said...

haha:) well yeah, we have a 'lab notebook' but somehow its hard to write 'breathe and step back' in there:)
i have taken today morning off , just to regroup...hopefully that counts..