Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The mystery of the running girl

For almost two years now, we see a girl running on the road. Every morning and sometimes in the evening. Be it bitterly cold or extremely hot, this girl is always dressed in the same red pants and sweatshirt, and a jacket if there's a snowstorm. I have seen her in so many places around campus and recently even on campus. She doesn’t run like a runner (the types who compete/run to work out). She runs more like someone who is for a lecture. Hands all over the place, odds and ends hanging from her shoulders, flying about her as she runs. But her pace is exactly the same every time I see her.

But today, she ran right next to me.. In fact almost collided into me . I had half a mind of calling out to her and asking her where she runs to and from everyday, but then I thought I'd let her go. Getting the answer would ruin the mystery and the 2 minutes of speculation me and my husband do everyday when we see her.

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Anonymous said...

mystery of the missing sqrl!