Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello again

Just thought I should blog again. The last day in my twenties today. Don't know why it is such a landmark, except because now I can't taunt A about being a 30-something and me being only a 20-something.

But I guess they do deserve a look back. My twenties that is. My 'life plan' was derailed for 2 years, so my plans of having a PhD by the time I was thirty were down in the drain. But since that was only because of scheduling conflicts, I don't feel so bad. Atleast I am defending in the first week of my thirties, which is actually a good thing. All the drama in the 20s, and the finale in the 30s.

I also started a new job. It is the dhobi ka kutta type of a job, but hey it does pay me more, and I get to stay in the place I want. Not altogether a bad deal.

Other fun stuff happened in the 20s. More on that later.

If by any chance some people who know me happen to come by this post, I am REALLY very sorry I haven't kept in touch. Was quite the depressed little pup for the past 8 months or so. Will elaborate later, and call as well.


manuscrypts said...

saw on FB, but wishing you a happy budday here felt more right :D

sqrlnt said...

@manuscrypts, Thanks a lot! Will be more regular on the blogging life again :D