Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Day Two

of NOT being a PhD student.. and I am going to go to the lab already. But its going to be to clear my desk out. Otherwise all I am going to do is

Go to buy a houseplant- the clover looks a little lonely..

Plant the bulbs I bought - indoor ones.. I work small scale.

It is VERY wierd, not having something to obsess about..I mean no more am I going to have to think about if the experiment I set up yesterday will or will not work. I am thinking of keeping plain 8-5 hours in my current job..and then come home and take care of ME. I may get a laptop from work, but I think now priorities have shifted. I me myself and family will come first and second depending on the situation, and work will come third, atleast for a while now.

In the long term, I need to get back into gardening mode. Recruit someone I know to teach me gardening in the ground.

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