Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reflections on day two

Love This.

Oddly, one of my mom's first reactions when I told her I was finally done..'so tell me now, how much longer did it REALLY take'..(she lost patience at year 4.. so for the past two years its been 'get it done with already')

Dad's first reaction when I told him I'll be staying back where I am and take up a lower paying job..'one must learn to dream a little bigger'..thanks..:| ..I can never ever dare to tell my parents that sometimes I feel like becoming a housewife. They will personally come here and kick my ass. Even though I am a 'grownup'.

But at least their expectations are intact. Never once did they even sneakily suggest I reproduce..Love my parents for the back-handed 'encouragement' they have been providing most of the time.. and the times when they really do come out and say that they are proud of me for what I've been doing..


chumkymonkey said...

Ok so maybe not such an appropriate time to point out that discussions of your reproduction were had by your parents and your aunts with your sister.

Nonetheless they always also told me they were mighty proud of you :D

Dr and all...

sqrlnt said...

True, but atleast they were sensitive enough not to bring it up with me.. so point to them for that..

Ash said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. My parents are very proud of my MPH and my job and all that, but I always feel they're disappointed I didn't go for a PhD or take up a more prestigious job in a more glamorous city.

And yeah, my mom would kill me if I ever decided to be a stay-at-home mom! But since hubby and I are both in low-paying research jobs, that's not really an option :P