Saturday, October 24, 2009

To get shot or not?

Approaching a serious catch-22 situation, and unless I take a stand now, this thing is going to get out of control.

It's about deciding to take the H1N1 vaccine. For a while I was sure I wasn't going to take it, but then since I am flying across the country in what will be close quarters with people I don't really know, I decided that I will.

I am not sure what my thought process is, but basically, if I don't take the shot, and get the flu and die, then all the arguments about what will happen to the baby are really moot, aren't they?

Somehow, right now I am more willing to take the risk of unknown effects than the known effect that pregnant women are very susceptible to the harmful effects of the flu.

Now only if the vaccine was in fact available..


shr3yas said...

@GG@!!! as pregger lady you are in the high risk group no?
1) Is it available where you are if not where is it just go and take - srsly your mom probably took all the shots possible when you were in the womb and even went on roller coasters when I was
2) main qweshthun though - how long does it take for the vaccine to take effect????????? will tehre be a point doing it - will you have enuff time before you get to said place?

Sqrl said...

Yeh.she priobably did all those things ,and look at us now :P. Anyway taking shot on Friday so good to go.

Patrix said...

Wait a minute...your eggo is preggo?

Sqrlnt said...

Lol. Where did u get that phrase from???
Anyway,yeah eggo is preggo:)