Sunday, November 29, 2009

I miss Gratisgab. She had the most funniest blog ever. And now she doesnt post anymore. I'm sad.

Brothers and Sisters.

A is VERY close to his brother. My dad and his brother are not on talking terms. I know another set who used to hang out together in the same bunch of friends, but never really seemed to talk to each other. And now that they have their own lives, I really doubt they talk to each other, not because they hate each other, but because they have nothing to talk about..

On the other hand, I don;t know any sisters who are indifferent or not on talking terms. Is this a brother thing? Not sure.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How I spend my weekend

Saving $150. adding cushions to my old $5 rocking chair, and testing it out as a rocker/glider.
Going to maternity clothing stores to buy clothes, and burning those aforementioned $150.
Signing up for a free back massage (nothing is ever free, but they haven't met me yet.)
Going to Pottery Barn Kids and hitting up on an idea. Tell parents to get high quality sheets from India. And have mom-in-law make quilts from high quality fabric. Also buy a nice Singer machine here, and set up a sweatshop and make the moms make all kinds of cute things for the baby. They will have to show me results at the end of the day. And if they are not what I had in mind, off goes the heating..(maybe it should be called a freezeshop)
Going through one mom blog after the other.. this is probably the most wasteful activity of the weekend. Even more than dozing.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

what to do now.

When I defended my thesis, I took an oath: Never to bring work home again. Ever. There are a lot of things I could do at home, and frankly, life is much easier if the two are separate.
However, right now, I don't have much to do at home. Of course there's the dishes and the cleaning of the entire freaking house. But the dishes are A's job for now, and the house will be cleaned over the weekend.
So what do I do now?

Ooh. How about a little bit of thought organizing. I used to use OneNote quite extensively during my phd,but stopped using it since the writing started. So maybe get back to doing that.
And of course, fill the blog with yapyap and more yap.


Watched some seriously creepy vids on youtube about baby movements at week 24. seriously. why would people record their bellies and then post the videos on youtube? anyway, did that because i was concerned that I wasn't feeling anything much, and the fact that i don't really look preggers. and then last night, i got kicked in the belly. For a change not by A, but by A's future offspring. aww.:) went from a 'shit. what was that'. to ' i have to act all mommy', to finally patting my belly at an attempt at being maternal.. frankly, last night was the first night I felt something 'emotionally' for the baby, and not just omg am i killing it by eating this shrimp or taking this vaccine.

hopefully i get more maternal as days pass.