Sunday, November 22, 2009

How I spend my weekend

Saving $150. adding cushions to my old $5 rocking chair, and testing it out as a rocker/glider.
Going to maternity clothing stores to buy clothes, and burning those aforementioned $150.
Signing up for a free back massage (nothing is ever free, but they haven't met me yet.)
Going to Pottery Barn Kids and hitting up on an idea. Tell parents to get high quality sheets from India. And have mom-in-law make quilts from high quality fabric. Also buy a nice Singer machine here, and set up a sweatshop and make the moms make all kinds of cute things for the baby. They will have to show me results at the end of the day. And if they are not what I had in mind, off goes the heating..(maybe it should be called a freezeshop)
Going through one mom blog after the other.. this is probably the most wasteful activity of the weekend. Even more than dozing.


shr3yas said...

The mutters will cancel their tickets!!! And what will the puppaaz do?

carina said...


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