Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Watched some seriously creepy vids on youtube about baby movements at week 24. seriously. why would people record their bellies and then post the videos on youtube? anyway, did that because i was concerned that I wasn't feeling anything much, and the fact that i don't really look preggers. and then last night, i got kicked in the belly. For a change not by A, but by A's future offspring. aww.:) went from a 'shit. what was that'. to 'omg.now i have to act all mommy', to finally patting my belly at an attempt at being maternal.. frankly, last night was the first night I felt something 'emotionally' for the baby, and not just omg am i killing it by eating this shrimp or taking this vaccine.

hopefully i get more maternal as days pass.


Patrix said...

"...or taking this vaccine."

Really? You were the last person I thought you would say this.

sqrlnt said...

what I meant was getting paranoid. I took the vaccines, both regular and swine. its just weird how paranoid being pregnant can make you..

Patrix said...

No wonder lesser educated folks give in to the paranoia :)