Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buying books

I realized that I havent really bought a book in the past 9 months. They have been all bout the becoming a mom phenomenon. Trips to babies r us. Buying what to expect when you are expecting and devouring all kinds of parenting magazines. Add to that finishing the thesis and starting a new job.

Of course, I did read quite a few good books in the time. But they were ALL from the public library. Which is not a bad thing of course, but I think now I need to go back to buying a book. It's almost like if I don't buy now, my habit of buying books will stop.

So now the question is, what books to buy:

Mary Roach's Bonk and Stiff are already on the list, and perhaps the checklist book by Atul Gawande.

Hopefully I actually go through with the order and buy them.

I will. I will. I will.

Update: I bought them I bought them!!The first two that is.. And then some baby mittens and socks to bump the order up to $25.
Cannot wait for the books to show up!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My weekend so far

Part of the series of 'weekends' :P

Fri even: Played Mario. Watched a short Hindi movie.. in all, not bad.

Sat morning: woke up early-ish to low back pain. Got scared that it maybe contractions. Figured no.. but must look to see what they really feel like.

Played MORE mario. went to get brunch. Ate more sugar than I though there was in the world. Chatted with mom, these days, since we talk during the daytime, talks have become more interesting..

Back home, some blog surfing, some twitter. Nap time.

Wake up. Off to the mall to shop! Try trousers for A. No good ones.. so come back. Get the Ugly Truth from the store.. hope that its atleast ok.. since I suggested it and A grumbled 'It better be good'. :|:|

Wait for the chicken curry for dinner.

A good Saturday so far. Hopefully Sunday's equally good.

Will not let the Rag-of-a-movie Ugly Truth ruin my weekend. Will. Not.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ideal Weekend

So now that I've cribbed about my currently boring weekends, lets see what an ideal weekend would look like.

1) Friday evening: Take care of all the calling that needs to be done. That includes family members who care about me, but haven't had an 'eventful' week. This gives me more time in the weekend to myself. Sleep early. Buy the local newspaper and leave it to be read on Saturday morning.

2) Saturday morning: Up at 8am. Breakfast by 9. Do not settle into the couch, but sit and read the newspaper. Spare a couple of hours to clean the house. That includes throwing out junk that hasn't been used in a long time.

Sat evening: Be 'creatively productive' in some way. This includes blogging (don't know why) or some sort of 'crafty' thing.

GO OUT! and not to Babies R Us. The problem is it is too cold to walk around here right now. So maybe going and sitting at a coffee shop isn't a bad idea. Take something to read along.

Sat Night: Nice dinner. And sleep by 11pm.

Sunday night: Wake up by 8 am. Brkfst by 9am. Go through all the blogs that I normally do.

That's all I can think of to do right now..Damn, atleast I have one 'ideal' day.

Typical Weekend

I think I have been sleepwalking through weekends for the past few weeks. So I need to write down what exactly my ideal weekend would be.

But first, what does my weekend look like now?

Saturday: Wake up at 10am. There goes half the day. Sit around and watch TV. By the time 1pm rolls around, go for a nap. 'Nap' for 4 hours.. wake up when its dark. Go out to Babies R Us for some shopping. Come back. Dinner. Some TV and then zzz.

Sunday: Wake up NOT before 11am. Go through a ton of blogs. Sometimes catch We the People on NDTV..(watch more of that since we cut the cable). Obsess over the fact that the house isnt clean. Try to clean it. Fail. Give up and nap. Sunday evening. DO nothing. I am not sure what I do on Sunday evenings. But try to sleep ASAP.

Monday rolls by and I can crib about the workweek.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thought I had posted this before but..

While looking at the window display at Destination Maternity, I wondered aloud why the model looked like she was fake pregnant.. without a second’s lapse, A said ‘Oh, because she doesn’t have pregnancy boobs’.

Very observant indeed.

(and now some perv is going to come here from google using that word. Shoo! there's nothing interesting here.)
Discovered a new pick me up..just go read my blog archives!
But since this is such a good pick me up, maybe I should write one post or two everyday. That might become too much, but atleast that will give me something to look back on. And also maybe unashamedly blog about my baby.

its scary that the due date is just over a month away, and I become 'full term' in less than two weeks. Right now, every second thought in my head is 'Am I hurting the baby?' Need to stop this now, because later on, it may end up making me a super paranoid mother and we dont want me to become the type of mother that keeps calling her kid every 2 hours to find out where they are..

In other updates, there is this fun phenomenon called fetal hiccups.. where the fetus starts hiccuping for about 20 minutes, and you can feel every single one of the hiccups. Mine somehow gets them only after I eat a clementine. :| Acc to my doc, thats them trying to practice swallowing.. and so I take that as baby loves clementines.

Easily Depressed

Went through half the book 'The Joy Luck Club' By Amy Tan, and am now a little depressed. Need a pick me up. Perhaps Super Mario Bros Wii might help.