Sunday, January 17, 2010

Discovered a new pick me up..just go read my blog archives!
But since this is such a good pick me up, maybe I should write one post or two everyday. That might become too much, but atleast that will give me something to look back on. And also maybe unashamedly blog about my baby.

its scary that the due date is just over a month away, and I become 'full term' in less than two weeks. Right now, every second thought in my head is 'Am I hurting the baby?' Need to stop this now, because later on, it may end up making me a super paranoid mother and we dont want me to become the type of mother that keeps calling her kid every 2 hours to find out where they are..

In other updates, there is this fun phenomenon called fetal hiccups.. where the fetus starts hiccuping for about 20 minutes, and you can feel every single one of the hiccups. Mine somehow gets them only after I eat a clementine. :| Acc to my doc, thats them trying to practice swallowing.. and so I take that as baby loves clementines.

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