Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ideal Weekend

So now that I've cribbed about my currently boring weekends, lets see what an ideal weekend would look like.

1) Friday evening: Take care of all the calling that needs to be done. That includes family members who care about me, but haven't had an 'eventful' week. This gives me more time in the weekend to myself. Sleep early. Buy the local newspaper and leave it to be read on Saturday morning.

2) Saturday morning: Up at 8am. Breakfast by 9. Do not settle into the couch, but sit and read the newspaper. Spare a couple of hours to clean the house. That includes throwing out junk that hasn't been used in a long time.

Sat evening: Be 'creatively productive' in some way. This includes blogging (don't know why) or some sort of 'crafty' thing.

GO OUT! and not to Babies R Us. The problem is it is too cold to walk around here right now. So maybe going and sitting at a coffee shop isn't a bad idea. Take something to read along.

Sat Night: Nice dinner. And sleep by 11pm.

Sunday night: Wake up by 8 am. Brkfst by 9am. Go through all the blogs that I normally do.

That's all I can think of to do right now..Damn, atleast I have one 'ideal' day.

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