Saturday, January 23, 2010

My weekend so far

Part of the series of 'weekends' :P

Fri even: Played Mario. Watched a short Hindi movie.. in all, not bad.

Sat morning: woke up early-ish to low back pain. Got scared that it maybe contractions. Figured no.. but must look to see what they really feel like.

Played MORE mario. went to get brunch. Ate more sugar than I though there was in the world. Chatted with mom, these days, since we talk during the daytime, talks have become more interesting..

Back home, some blog surfing, some twitter. Nap time.

Wake up. Off to the mall to shop! Try trousers for A. No good ones.. so come back. Get the Ugly Truth from the store.. hope that its atleast ok.. since I suggested it and A grumbled 'It better be good'. :|:|

Wait for the chicken curry for dinner.

A good Saturday so far. Hopefully Sunday's equally good.

Will not let the Rag-of-a-movie Ugly Truth ruin my weekend. Will. Not.

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