Thursday, January 21, 2010

Typical Weekend

I think I have been sleepwalking through weekends for the past few weeks. So I need to write down what exactly my ideal weekend would be.

But first, what does my weekend look like now?

Saturday: Wake up at 10am. There goes half the day. Sit around and watch TV. By the time 1pm rolls around, go for a nap. 'Nap' for 4 hours.. wake up when its dark. Go out to Babies R Us for some shopping. Come back. Dinner. Some TV and then zzz.

Sunday: Wake up NOT before 11am. Go through a ton of blogs. Sometimes catch We the People on NDTV..(watch more of that since we cut the cable). Obsess over the fact that the house isnt clean. Try to clean it. Fail. Give up and nap. Sunday evening. DO nothing. I am not sure what I do on Sunday evenings. But try to sleep ASAP.

Monday rolls by and I can crib about the workweek.

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