Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weighty issues

I have let myself go.
That is an understatement. I was actually never captured really.. I have steadily grown in size ever since birth. I was told it would stop. Well, my height stopped, but my weight never did. I went from a thin school girl, to a weirdly flabby one in college. I probably went from 120 lbs to 140 lbs in those two years. And I know exactly what brought it on. Sleeping. Lots of it. I love to sleep. And the odd hours of the junior college, and the lack of any rules of attendance let me rush back home and nap like crazy.And eat fried fish at 6pm. With rice. And curds. No wonder I gained all that flab.

Then I went to college, which was a 1.5hour commute one way. In the first year, I lost all that weight, and came back to 125 lbs. However, by then, that was not my happy weight. I started to become tired, cry a lot and in general became depressed. Slowly, I came out of that, started eating at home instead of outside, and therefore healthier. My weight quickly went back up to 143, but this time, I was happy. I felt good, I felt like I had a lot of energy.
Then I came to the US. Mom made food and strict regimens no more ( strict regimens=meals at predetermined times). Living with roommates meant eating a lot of home made junk. One of my roommates would pour oil in the pan for 15 seconds. Think about it. A lot of oil can flow in 15 seconds. She would never make rice, always jeera rice. She loved to cook- she made all kinds of things-rasagullas- biryani, you name it, she would love to make it. And we loved her for that.
Surprisingly, I did not gain all that much over those two years. That's probably because us roommates used to hang out at the gym. My roommates' idea of a good time was a good aerobics class, or a good swim or even a good long brisk walk-followed by lots of eating.
Followed by lots of eating- but still- I was still at my happy weight.
Then I joined the PhD program. Things were good-but the weight had started inching forward. I was gaining about a pound a month or so. I was 147 when I came in. By my second year, I was 156. In spite of going to the gym, and having a nice roommate who cooked healthy meals as well.
Then the steroids came. I had an illness, which involved me taking steroids for 3 full months. And that took a toll on my body. I peaked at 186. I probably gained a full 20 lbs that summer. And then that weight never went back. I had also lost stamina, i did not go to the gym anymore- neither did I walk, or run.
I used slimfast and lost a good 12 lbs before I got pregnant- I was 170lbs during my first checkup. I gained 25lbs during the pregnancy, and lost 23 of those in the first 6 weeks postpartum . Mom, I tell you. She came in, put me on a very healthy diet, made sure I eat at specified times. Also, my little one took to breastfeeding very well, and that I am sure helped me lose weight too.
After my mom left, I was still breastfeeding, but I gained some weight. Thanks to the fact that I was now eating rice as well. That is my poison- I eat rice, I gain weight. I am now 176lbs.
I have now also started running a little. Have to also move on to the exercises to gain muscle tone to run. The fact that I have co-workers who are health freaks has helped me a lot. And I think, as he was saying, everyone is more active this year. This may be a good time to get active, and stay active.
I am happy again.

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