Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Hello There, Blog!
How have you been? I have been neglecting you, like everyone else has been neglecting their own blogs, for something thats more suitable for us ADD types. Twitter.

But now, since I have been doing things in real life, I can actually blog about something. Also, blogger's got this new design thing, so you won't look so boring anymore.

So let me bring you up-to-date on what's happened so far

As you know, I got pregnant, and I got stretch marks. I also went to baby classes, got all excited about baby delivery and such, and then delivered a beautiful baby boy in the middle of the winter. Things went very beautifully, and my mother helped us out a lot for the first 8 weeks, followed by her and dad together for another 5. Then they left and along came my in-laws. They have been here for 2 months now, and leave in another month.

So I am guessing that after a month is when the real fun will begin. And you will no doubt, turn into a mommy blog. Face it. I changed, so you will have to too.

Thanks to the fact that I am now a mom, I also have to sleep when the baby sleeps. So abrupt signing off it is.

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