Saturday, September 04, 2010

I love change

I logged on to blogger after a really long time, and was surprised to see so many options in their backgrounds and templates. Before, I had a flowery template, but that just looked pretty- didn't say anything about me.
However this new one seems to really reflect the way I blog. Relaxed. I do find blogging relaxing, and keep posting sporadically.
My posts do tend to be very self-centered, but I guess that is the way I am. Right now, I cannot find the time to do anything else except shape my career and take care of my family. And maybe, at some point, I will care to blog about things other than that. But not right now. (well, never say never, right).
I recently had a baby. A very cute one, may I add. So chances are, this thing is going to morph into a mommy blog.
I also have a snazzy new phone (ok, who am I kidding, its an iPhone 3G. But hey, it's snazzier than anything I had before).
So the result of that is I may be able to blog pictures! Bloody directly! Oh the possibilities. Need to learn taking close-up shots of everything around me.
Oh well, lets see how this thing goes.

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