Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting my act together

The past two months have been nothing short of luxury. Mom is visiting. Free miles due to expire at the end of the year, and a grandson who needed a little TLC made my mom take a impromptu trip to the US. During this time, Kolu could stay at home three days of the week and play with his grandma. During this time, all the meticulous planning I had done for the months before pretty much unraveled. Mom took over the kitchen and general care of the baby while we played with him when we came home and before we left.

But now she leaves next week. And that is freaking me out. Not only have I forgotten how things are done, but Kolu is also older now, and has developed a mind of his own. He is at the stage where he squirms away in the middle of a diaper change and refuses to be clothed on many an occasion.

So this week is going to be a practice run. Getting all his bottles ready for daycare, his food ready, meal planning for us AND the baby. And work, in the middle of all this.

This is going to be hard. But do-able.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stuff worth hanging on to.

Today is the first time in many many days that I have the opportunity to sit and type out a paragraph or two. In this time, I could be doing many other things that will be more 'productive', such as clear the room, do the laundry or the dishes. etc. Get my home in order. But all that is for later. Now, I type.

They say ( and I agree) that after you have a baby, your life will never ever be the same. But that does not mean letting go of things that were interesting to you before you had the baby, does it? Do you have to be a mother whose only interest in life is fawning over her little one? I mean, how am I to get my kid interested in all kinds of things if all he sees his mom do is laundry and clean and feeding him? (Maybe he should learn those things too, but that's for later)

I have had to completely cut TV out of my life. Completely. In the last one year, I must have watched 5 hours of TV. And one full movie. I have not watched a single movie at home, without being pulled away from it because the little one decided he wants to investigate the cabinets in the kitchen.

But you know what, that's all okay. Because I guess I didn't mind letting those things go. I love TV and movies, but I guess not that much. Thanks to baby, I have had to re-prioritize and the only thing that has stayed constant pre baby and post, is reading. I don't get as many books done as I used to pre-baby ( and well, during the pregnancy I read more books than I had in the two years before that) , but I still do manage to sneak in a book every two weeks. And I am okay with that. The type of books has also changed. From fiction I have now moved to non-fiction and short stories, as those are easier to finish in the short spans of time I have now. I also embraced audiobooks, which give me a chance to catch up on 'reading' in my 30-minute-each-way commute. car. I guess if something matters to you, you find ways around the hectic lifestyle of baby raising. Hopefully as baby grows up, I will be able to go back to longer books, and the more leisurely method of sitting down with a book by the window.

On the subject of books and babies.. mine loves books. But what he loves, is to just keep turning the pages. If I hold a page and try to get him interested on what is on the page, he gets impatient, and turns the book the other way. Crook. But at least the interest is there. Maybe 11 months is too soon to teach a kid to stay on a page. May be a few months down the line..