Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Aarti Sequeira is one of the very few people whose recipes I can like and can easily replicate. Other TV food show hosts who claim simple dishes in 30 minutes, seem to just dunk everything in a glob of cheese and call it amazing dinner.

This is the second recipe of Aarti's that I tried (first here). It's not 'her' recipe in that this soup is sold at every single Chinese establishment (cart or upscale restaurant) in India. But corny commentary aside (oh who am I kidding, I love the corniness) the recipe she uses seems so simple that it would be stupid not to make it at home.

Followed the recipe to a T,and yes the result was as yummy as the local Chinese gaadis and stalls around Mumbai. To make the experience closer to home, I cut up green chillies and added them to vinegar and served as a companion to soy sauce. If you know a better way to make that amazing clear stuff, let me know.

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